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25/10/2018: Tarqeeb @ Auro, New Delhi
26/10/2018: Tarqeeb @ Koramangala Social, Bangalore
27/10/2018: Oceantied & Tarqeeb @ Chandigaah Festival, Kitty Su, Chandigarh
03/11/2018: Tarqeeb @ Famous Studios, Mumbai
24/11/2018: Tarqeeb @ Mikado, Shillong
22/12/2018: Tarqeeb @ Above The Habitat, Mumbai


New Delhi, INDIA

An instinctive approach to multiple mediums defines digital artist and music producer Tarqeeb’s philosophy. Dedicated to building and showcasing an internationally relevant Indian sound minus the cliches he’s using every avenue available to him to point larger audiences in a direction he hopes will be part of our future. These include tightly-tailored DJ sets —think everything from deep meditative dubstep/jungle to indian electronica—hosting a monthly radio show Juggernaut for boxout.fm and his role in DASTA, a six-person artist collective that is bent on inspiring DIY approaches to growth and empowerment through the arts.

His rising acclaim has only been further solidified by large-scale appreciation for his unusual, sometimes-surreal digital art. Despite humble beginnings within the medium two years ago, he has since gone on to conceptualise and create poster, album and logo art for local artists like Oceantied, Nanok, Paraphoniks, Profound, Dasta, Dualist Inquiry and Sandunes, as well as international labels like System Music (UK) & Studio Rockers(UK). In many ways, Tarqeeb remains an individual’s experiment to link art, music and learning together to form its own microcosm