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Aditi Dharmadhikari
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Playlist: Sounds from Profound, the Newest Artist on the Krunk Roster

[Scroll down to listen to Profound’s specially-curated playlist for Krunk.]

Profound describes himself as a 22-year-old ‘disciple of the sonic arts with an eclectic taste in music’. Layered with subliminal beats and lo-fi elements, his debut EP ‘Returning Rituals’ is a study of the range of the emotional landscape, rounding off a long period of experimentation in numerous genres. Settling the dust with what kicked off his journey musically, Profound‘s ‘Returning Rituals’ is a dedication to the art of hip hop.

“I’ve been making electronic music informally for over 6 years now, but I had only a faint idea about the Indian electronic music scene when I first went to a BASSFoundation gig 4 years ago,” the artist, who recently joined the Krunk family, shares. “I was familiar with the sound of drum and bass, thanks to my siblings’ iPods, and the fact that there were people promoting a social cause through MC and the soundsystem culture restored my faith in humanity.”

It was when he was in London studying Sonic Arts that he heard all sorts of extensions to the sounds he was already into, and became engrossed in producing, staying away from the internet and mobile phones to focus on it.


“By the time I returned, a lot of stuff had changed, there were more people promoting more music — good music, real music,” he says. “Krunk and Wild City were hammering it with their alternative approach, and I had created about a 100 finished/ unfinished pieces which I still play around with. I took a year to decide which songs to put out, and then sent the compilations to people I knew. Sohail and fam heard the stuff, and thought it was dope. We took it seriously from there.”

“I barely make playlists, particularly because of the amount of music I come across on a daily basis,” he shares. “The most visited playlist on my iTunes would be ‘recently added’, which could contain anything from a Carnatic classical piece to an 80’s electronic Bollywood-infused track, random recorded samples, binaural beats, monotonous shamanic drumming clips and hundreds of other random sounds.”

When asked about playlists created by computer algorithms, he accedes they make great genre-specific playlists, but that that stuff ‘couldn’t understand vibes’. “Music is much, much more than just human or cosmic, it comes from frequencies, so it’s basically shaped the nature and the world around us, let’s leave the computers to calculate how much money you make, and not choose the music you listen to.”

Here’s a specially-curated playlist from Profound to get lit to:

Aditi Dharmadhikari

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