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Paper Queen

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Paper Queen

Mumbai, INDIA

Mumbai based Hip Hop/Bass artist Paper Queen has been making some serious moves in the last 24 months, playing both National & International club & festival gigs. A unique blend of Old & Nu Skool Hip Hop, Trap, Future Beats & Bass Music, a signature Paper Queen set has the right selection of music to receive mass appeal yet retain a certain street credibility. Taking influences from artists such as Teeko, DJ Premier, Jon1st & Ivy Lab, her musical creations are hard hitting, bouncy & totally engineered for the dance floor.

Mentored by the legendary DJ Uri, under his guidance she has embraced the Old Skool way of being a DJ and has the knack of being able to play the right track for the right occasion. Hard work and endless hours of practising scratch techniques have led her to become India’s first female Turntablist DJ. Geared up for the season ahead, this girl comes fully prepared with quality music & DJ skills.