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Aditi Dharmadhikari
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Eden ArtFest 2015 Promises A Diverse Range of Genres & Other Unique Treats

Eden Artfest 2015 is back with a second edition that promises to be as multi-dimensional as last year’s three-venue festival. Courtesy Bhavishyavani Futuresoundz and Magnanimous, what you’re looking for in a great party meets a line-up that isn’t afraid to experiment with the various electronic and dance music sub-genres — Mumbai, the dates to mark are November 14th-15th, and Tote on the Turf, Mahalaxmi Racecourse is where it’s at.

“In a nutshell: assume homogeneity is the curse of the 21st century,” Abhimanyu Meer of Bhavishyavani tells us. “So our design and art philosophy moves away from that altogether, and through its sparseness and minimalism acts as a mirror that will encourage groups of people to act freely. We want to encourage them to not conform and instead just be themselves. Can you be in the your own city and yet feel like you’re far away and part of something unique and transformational? That’s the idea, but the onus is partly on you. How far are you willing to go?”

The festival line-up’s a real treat, headlined by house and hip-hop performer Aquarius Heaven, tastemaker Maayan Nidam from Tel Aviv and Berlin, Quenum (AKA Azimute) and French house trio dOP. Artists closer home who’re going to be showing the dancefloor a good time include Frame/Frame, Pune-based Big City Harmonics, New Delhi-producer Gaurav Malaker aka BLOT! and DJ Uri. Krunk artists are coming out to represent too, with electro-funk duo Madboy/Mink, disco and acid house Sleepwalker, analogue dance music producer Aqua Dominatrix and bass music DJ EZ Riser playing at Eden.

“Our artists are aware they’re playing a unique festival to a uniquely tuned-in audience. We’ve been doing this for 15 years, before there was much of a scene to speak of, and audiences always have that in the back of their minds. On the whole, we’re looking forward to what each person brings to the party just as much as everybody else.”

Visual art carves its own niche in this festival as well, with artists Poonam Jain, Tara Kelton, Madhu Das, Kartik Sood and Dheer Kaku showcasing their work at Eden ArtFest. Eden Village is going to be making a debut with a handful of new brands, including Baystitch,Vegan Bites and Tachi, displaying their unique clothes, accessories, food and other odds and ends on sale.

The Rise & Shine party is another addition that has already been making waves – starting at 6am, the yoga and detox session will be led by Eden’s yoginis Sunaina Reke, Anshuka and Lamya. Talk about taking the cliché out of ‘eclectic music festival’.

“It’s basically all the fun of night-time partying minus the downsides of the morning after,” Abhi explains. “We’ll have soul music, cold-pressed juices, aerial yoga and then a straight-up A.M. dance off. The global ‘Daybreaker’ parties are a great example of this format of parties, they’re all the rage in big metropolises because they give city-dwellers a chance to really let loose in an unconventional way.”

Aditi Dharmadhikari

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